av Erling Røhmer.

The View from Mount Tabor on the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, av Ilya Glazunov.

Be weary of the Preachers of Progress,

And remember what was taught us yester-day:

That no matter how sweet and just and good

They make sound the bells of their tomorrow:

A is always A, and night precedes the promised day.

Yet if – again – they wish to chase their dawn,

Pray, kindle all your torches for their hunt –

No, not to follow, but to stay behind,

And there maintain a beacon at their backs,

In case their grand tomorrow be not found.

For this we beg but for an isle to keep,

A plot of land, to till and keep us bronzed,

Content to leave tomorrow where it is;

Our task will be to paint the setting sun,

And sing of what once was to what will be.

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